Wonder Warriors

This is a simple story based game being built for mobile devices and uses simple tasks to progress the story from scene to scene. The idea is to make the task simple but fun with a wee bit of an educational element as well, so using numbers, letters and colours along with drag and drop functions and the good old point and click (or press) style of interactivity.

This game concept was originally conceived in my HND year of an Interactive Media course at Moray college using completely different characters and story but the idea was the same. I later took this idea and rebuilt the entire game from the ground up at Moray Game Jam 2016 where I got some really nice feedback from the judges and the public alike so decided to tweak the story again and introduce new characters. It's going to be a while before the game is available in a finished format as I am only working on it in my spare time (you can see what else I do over at ajfwebdesign.com and stikkz.com) but please check back for news and updates and follow me on Twitter and like us on Facebook.

Meet The Characters

So you've come this far why not find out about the characters, there's Bobby Wade and Mila Frances, professor G and Raglow's Ruffians. There will be even more characters coming to join the party soon, but for now why not find out about these guys...