Mila and the Quest for the Golden Axe

Mila and the Quest for the Golden Axe was my creation for this years Moray Game Jam. We were given a theme on the first day and given 48 hours to create a game. This years theme was "If at first you don't succeed" so I decided to create a side scrolling platform game based on the idea of a girl called Mila who wasn't happy with her rock abilities, no matter how hard she tried she was never quite good enough and finds out about a mythical guitar which she sets off to find...

The game is in the very early stages but I am definitely going to develop it more and hopefully have a fully functioning, story telling, rocking game available some time later in the year. I'll hopefully be demoing it at this years XPO NORTH event in Inverness on June 7th and 8th at Eden Court in Inverness.

Any way, if you can't wait until then you can try the game out on laptops and desktops HERE and on mobiles HERE let me know what you thin over on the facebook page